IC9700 Business Excellence Certification

IC9700 Business Excellence Certification indicates that a company has in place the standards, measures and processes required to ensure a high level of quality in the services or products it produces and supplies. (IC9700 Core Principles defines this in more detail).
IC9700 companies are committed to excellence and continuous improvement.

Companies which gain a Business Excellence certification are those which:

  • Offer a consistent high level of service/ quality of goods.
  • Have appropriate safeguards in place to ensure quality and monitor feedback.
  • Maintain an ethical business model with integrity as a core value.

IC9700 Companies are trustworthy, reliable, stable and efficient. They are required to provide regular updates on their status and customer feedback. With this information these IC9700 certified companies are able to continue to refine their performance and ensure they offer the highest levels of product and service.

As a result of its nature, IC9700 is used by a number of larger companies to screen vendors. A number of procurement departments have access to the IC9700 status of a company via VendorLink and Ariba.

Companies are required to renew this certification on an annual basis, and to provide regular updates to the International Charter, including:

  • Completed customer questionnaires.
  • Notification of changes in employee numbers.
  • Notification of legal action being taken against the company.

The IC9700 certifies compliance with standards EG9001, DHP3003 and EAS405 it also certifies compliance with a number of other closed standards.

In addition to this the International Charter allows customers to feedback concerns directly to the organization, and then works with the company to address these concerns in a prompt and appropriate manner.
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