Safe Download Requirements


The objective of the Safe Download program is to certify a software application as being safe to download and install on a userís machine.

This program is not an endorsement of any product and it does not indicate that the program performs its advertised function.


Standard Prohibited Functions

No software will be certified that contains any element or functions that cause the following to occur:

  1. Redirects a user's searches or address bar entries.

  2. By default adds a toolbar to a userís web browser, unless the application is specifically a toolbar, or non default consent is provided.

  3. Changes the user's internet browser homepage, search provider, error handling or any associated browser setting or function.

  4. Changes the Internet browser security settings.

  5. Causes a noticeable degradation in machine performance.

Unless the primary functions and stated action of that software is solely to perform that function.

Consensual Download

A user must explicitly request the downloaded application; applications that automatically commence download when a user arrives at a website will fail certification.

The download notice must be stated clearly and offer an option not to download the program. The program may ask a user to confirm this choice only once.

Terms of Agreement

If a user is required to agree to a "Terms of Agreement" or EULA, they should agree to it prior to installation. If a user declines agreement the download and installation must be terminated.

The terms of agreement should be in clear, concise English.


The process and instructions for removal must be clear and easy to understand.

The actual un-installation process should be available through a common method, such as the Add/Remove programs feature of Windows Control Panel.

The un-installation process should not require the user to complete any additional forms, such as a survey.

It must remove all application specific files and terminate related processes. The application may prompt a user to specify if certain files should be exempt from the un-installation, i.e log files and shared libraries, but should not take any action to prevent or block un-installation.

The program must not automatically re-install itself.

Un-installation instructions will also feature on the programs profile page.

Prohibited Activities

The application must not:

  • Take control of a userís machine or allow a remote third party control of the machine.

  • Change or modify security settings, including disabling virus protection or firewall settings.

  • Track or report on the activities of the user, except where the activity has been intentionally initiated by the user and informed consent provided.

  • Change any critical settings on a machine not related to its advertised function.

Displaying Safe Download status

The publisher of this software will display the Safe Download seal on their website and associated download pages. This seal will link to a profile page controlled by the International Charter which will carry details of the application, its function and methods of un-installation.

It is the responsibility of the publisher to provide accurate information for this profile and notify the International Charter of any changes.



An application will be re-certified every 365 days or major version increase, at the discretion of the International Charter. 


Third party distribution

If the software is available via third party providers the software publisher must ensure that these third parties do not violate any of the terms of this certification. It is the responsibility of the publisher to ensure the integrity of the application and compliance with the Safe Download program.