FIFA petitioned over access to water

The International Charter has made representations to FIFA to ensure referees allow players time to take on sufficient fluids during the World Cup if the searing heat continues in Germany.

There have been a number of complaints from official team representatives that referees have been reluctant to allow players to take on board more fluids even when there was a natural stoppage in play

In early group games players lost between five and 10 pounds of body weight whereas is the norm is for them to put on two pounds for every litre they drink.

FIFA's rules state: "Because the balance of water in the body is essential to health, FIFA actively encourages players to drink liquids during the match.

"Rules must, however, be observed so as to avoid disorderliness on the field and possible injury from objects such as bottles being thrown around."

These rules dictate that drinks must be contained in plastic bottles and can only be taken when play stops.

The bottles must be handed to players on the sidelines and not thrown into the pitch.

Goalkeepers can keep a drink in a plastic bottle in the corner of their goals.

Plastic bottles may be placed around the pitch, a metre from the touchlines, as long as they do not interfere with the linesmen.