ICharter begins Kemira investigation

The International Charter announced today (8th Feb 2005) that it will begin an investigation into an incident in Central Sweden on the 4th of Feb 2005 which resulted in the accidental release of 15,000 tons of sulphuric acid (H2SO4) into the atmosphere.

A tank containing the sulphuric acid sprang a leak at Kemira. The accident happened early on Friday morning and a poisonous cloud formed as the acid reacted with water.

Lennart Johansson, who is the managing director of Kemira, stated in a news interview "that this is the first time an accident of this nature has happened. The next step will be to review the security measures of the company."

Inhabitants of Helsigborg were told to not leave their homes because the cloud was moving towards the city centre. A number of injuries were reported but were limited to employees on site at the time.

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