Business Certification

The International Charter maintains and promotes a set of international business standards that ensure quality and operational effectiveness. Core to these standards are the business certification programs that ensure compliance.

Since 1997 ICharter has regulated these standards, which have been adopted by some of the world's largest companies and in recent times has been responsible for increasing the diversity of companies applying.

Certifications are used in conjunction with audit activity in order to ensure their standards are met are in most cases exceeded.


IC9200 Small Business Certification- For small or start-up companies.

IC9400 Medium Sized Certification - For medium sized organizations.

IC9700 Enterprise Certification - For large and enterprise size organizations.

IC9900 Corporate Certification - For large and publicly traded corporations.

eCommerce Certification - Safe to Shop eCommerce certification.

Software Certification:

EU US PrivacyShield Certification


Spyware Free Software Certification




Professional Certification:

ProCert - Professional Certifications for Individuals

Food Certification:

Allergy Aware - Certification for restaurants and food outlets.

All International Charter certifications are integrated with TrustBase and available through the TrustBase Certification functions