Spyware Certification

Spyware continues to be a growing problem on the internet The Spyware Free Certification programme evaluates software to ensure that the program does not install or execute any forms of malicious code.

Programs are evaluated on a number of key operating system platforms, and undergo continuous monitoring during installation, execution and un-installation to ensure that they meet the following key criteria:

  • The program does not install any component or support file that is not expressly required for it's function; including registry modifications.

  • The program does not execute any other programs without the user informed consent.

  • The program does not launch or initiate network connections, unless expressly required by its function or authorised by the user; and does not transmit personal information without user informed consent.

  • The program removes itself entirely from the system, including the deletion of all support files and active registry keys.


The evaluation process involves the installation of the application on Microsoft Windows® 98SE, ME, NT4, 2000 and XP Home and Pro builds. The program is then run continuously for a set time period, with logs of all transactions being evaluated.

The International Charter also offers the Safe Download program, which certifies an application as safe to download and install.