Leading Corporate Citizen

Corporate Citizenship continues to increase in importance. Investors, customers and employees look to the major companies to act in a socially responsible and environmentally aware way.

Companies are no longer able to function solely are profiting making organizations, they are now responsible for acting as good corporate citizens, taking into account their role within society and ensuring they make a positive contribution to it.

Each year the International Charter surveys a number of corporations, evaluating the schemes and programs they have supported, and the difference they have made, both on local and national scales.

Companies which lead the way in these fields with innovative social responsibility are awarded with "Leading Corporate Citizen" status and are subject to annual review.


The purpose of the Leading Corporate Citizen award is to identify and recognise companies which are leading the way in terms of corporate responsibility. These companies make real contributions to the societies they function within, show greater transparency through accurate and detailed reporting, and also embed these activities within their business processes.