Leading Corporate Citizen Principles


A Leading Corporate Citizen takes full responsibility for the actions of their employees and their suppliers. They maintain a strict code of ethics and human rights, with suppliers who breach these being punished. Companies which fail to enforce a clear policy will not be considered.

Workforce Principles

A company is responsible for the conduct of its employees, and also the conduct of its suppliers when they act on behalf of the company. To this end the company should make every effort to ensure that its products and produced using ethically sourced materials.

The company should also conduct frequent and thorough audits of facilities in countries where child and forced labour have been reported.

The Environment

The company should make efforts to reduce the impact of its operation and products on the environment.
This includes:
  • Visual Pollution that may be caused by the presence of the company or its product in an area.
  • Noise pollution that may be caused by the operation of the company.
     undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies   

The company must not in any way or form engage in bribery or extortion, nor encourage third parties to do so, or act in a way that may be misconstrued as breaching this principle.