Benefits of Certification

Certification offers a number of benefits, including acting as a sign that your company is well established and has the necessary structure and process in place to produce high quality products and services.
Companies with either IC9700 Business Excellence Certification or Service Excellence Certification gain access to arbitration services from the International Charter, helping to resolve any disputes that may arise.

Along with these benefits there are a number of other more quantitative changes. The International Charter conducts a survey of certified companies every year to measure these benefits, both realised and perceived, brought to the company as a result of being certified. The following were found:

Improved consistency of products and services, resulting in higher customer satisfaction
  • Average of 45% reduction in customer complaints in the first year.
  •  63% of companies reported increase in repeat customers.
  •  37% reported increase in value of purchases.
Reduction in production costs through efficiency drives 
  • 92% of companies reported increased operational efficiency and reduction in waste after certification.
  •  53% reported decrease in product cycle times and on average a 60% increase in meeting delivery deadlines.
Improved morale and job satisfaction of employees
  •  53% reported increase in the perception of the company in employee surveys.
  •  76% report increased transparency resulting in increased pro actively.
Competitive advantage and increased sales opportunities 
  • 42% of companies reported increase in international sales 
 Data from 2007 Survey.