Other Certifications

Software is a key component in the operation of many businesses, and as a result in 2004 the International Charter introduced a certification program to ensure that an application was free of malicious code and "spyware".

 Spyware Free Certification
This program certifies that an application, or demonstration program, is free from malicious code and will not adversely affect a system's performance or install third party components without prior user authorisation.

 See also Safe Download Program

A number of other certifications are also operated by the International Charter, including those under the Trustiva.

 Allergy Aware is a certification aimed at restaurants and other food outlets.

 Safe to Shop is a leading e-commerce trust certification

 Easy to Understand is a document certification, designed to ensure a document is easy to read.

 Fair Terms is a certification for terms and conditions and license agreements.

 AppTrust is a certification for apps for mobile platforms such as Apple iOS, Blackberry and Android.

 Trust Rating is a rating program for large companies.