Small Business Certification

IC9200 Certification has been specifically designed for small businesses.z

It's aim is to evaluate a company, taking into account minimal aspects of its trading history, and instead focusing on the processes and measures in place to ensure future success, and its current customer satisfaction rating.

IC9200 can also be adapted for offshore providers to guarantee the level of work produced.

Larger companies frequently use IC9200 to evaluate vendors and supplies as a result of the following key benefits:

  • It ensures a minimum quality for goods and services provided.

  • It validates that a business, no matter how small, has a viable work flow process in place and is able to meet the demands of it's customers.

  • It establishes a level of trust for first time business, or overseas companies.
  • It ensures the company provides a reliable level of service.

IC9200 uses a streamlined version of the normal application process, meaning that small businesses do not need to set aside large amounts of time or resources to complete the certification. However, as with all International Charter certification programs it requires a commitment to address any shortcomings identified.

More information on the cost and requirements of IC9200 are contained on the FAQ page.

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