IC9200 Frequent Questions

What is IC9200?

IC9200 is the International Charter business standard designed especially for small businesses. Instead of dealing with processes, this certification deals almost exclusively with customer and quality measures.

How do I apply?

Since July 31st 2008 the International Charter has operated a selection process to reduce the volume of applications and increase the quality. Companies can express an interest in become certified or be nominated by a customer or other stakeholder. The International Charter reserves the right to decline applications based on its own criteria.

Why should my business become certified?

IC9200 provides a vital function in that it allows small and relatively new companies to establish a line of trust with larger organizations. A number of large companies source supplies from smaller companies with this certification since it diminishes the risk usually associated with use of a new supplier.

How much does IC9200 cost?

The IC9200 annual fee is 450, which is the equivalent of 62.50 per month.

Can I pay in installments?

There is currently no arrangement available to allow IC9200 payments to be made in installments.

What if my company fails during the application?

This depends on what the type of fault is. There are four types of fault that can occur during the process:
  • Minor Fault
    Defined as a small inconsistency with a process or measure reducing the efficiency of other processes or measures in place. In the event that a minor fault is found the company is offered advice on how to rectify it. IC9200 status is granted and the company is not obliged to make any changes.

  • Major Fault
    Defined as a larger inconsistency or number of clustered minor faults that affect the entire enterprise. This flaw is considered serious. IC9200 status is still awarded, however the company must agree to rectify the problem within a certain time period (a minimum of 30 calendar days). This time period is determined by consultation with the company in order to ensure it is realistic. Companies that do not make the required changes within the allocated time have their IC9200 status revoked.

  • Critical Fault
    Defined as a large inconsistency within a process or number of processes causing enterprise wide problems and adversely affecting the performance of the company. In this case, the flaw prevents the evaluation from continuing until such time as it is rectified. The company has 1 calendar year to rectify these flaws (or as otherwise agreed).

  • Complete Failure
    The company has a significant number of critical faults within various areas. The company has failed IC9200 evaluation and is not permitted to reapply for 1 year or unless proof of changes to affected systems can be presented.