IC9700 Core Principles


Trust is key to all relationships and fundamental to provision of services or goods to a customer. IC9700 companies strive to build such trust and conduct business in an ethical, honest and open way. Policies exist to provide guidance and encourage integrity.

Process Based Approach

Processes ensure consistent and predicable results, they allow for constant improvement demonstrated by shortening of cycle times and/or reduction of costs. They therefore play a critical role in the activities of any company. IC9700 companies have well defined and controlled central processes which are measured in order to ensure quality.


IC9700 companies constantly seek innovative and unique ways to supply a customerís needs. They seek to build on existing knowledge in order to meet requirements.

Customer Focus

Customers are one of the most important stake-holders in any company, as they provide vital funds to allow continued operation. IC9700 companies realise this and strive to constantly understand customer needs and requirements, as well as striving to exceed these expectations and add value wherever possible.


Leaders establish unity of purpose and direction of the organization. They should create and maintain the internal environment in which people can become fully involved in achieving the organizationís objectives. IC9700 encourages leadership and ownership at different levels. Responsibilities include considering the needs of all interested parties including customers, owners, employees and suppliers, as well as creating and sustaining shared values, fairness and ethical role models at all levels of the organization.

Operational Excellence

Within an IC9700 company people throughout the organization have the ability to use their knowledge and experience for the collective good. A motivated, committed and involved workforce is apparent. People are accountable for their own performance and understand the importance of their contribution to the organization and its subsequent performance.

The Environment and Social Responsibility

This looks at any environmental or "green" initiatives the company is involved in.

This is similar to the environmental evaluation, but looks at any charitable initiatives the company supports within its local or national community.